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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Groovin' my time away

I had the opportunity last night to attend the annual 'Groovin on the Grounds' concert on the LSU Parade Ground. This years lineup included:

A Soup Named Stew (local humor-pop)
Josh Turner (country)
Lyfe Jennings (R&B with a touch of gospel)
Puddle of Mudd (gutiar powered, punch-you-in-the-face rock) *sorry, I am a fan!

Always great to see a free concert, especially one as dear to both my heart and my wife's heart as Groovin. We helped plan/staff the concert a couple of years in our time in undergrad.

But what it got me thinking is that I have gotten a chance to see a number of shows in my short life (maybe a little above average when it comes to the numbers), and I tried thinking of my favorites, so I figured I would share.

Top Teir (hard to order these):
Pearl Jam @ New Orleans Arena 2001
Kiss @ Lafayette Cajundome 1997
Flickerstick @ House of Blues New Orleans
Our Lady Peace @ Groovin on the Grounds 2001
LeAnn Rhymes @ Endymon Extraveganza 2004
GreyStreet Band @ ??? in Lafayette 2001 (I think it was the first time they did the rap medly - on my knees laughing)
Cross Candadian Ragweed @ The Varsity
Cowboy Mouth @ Groovin on the Grounds 1999

Second Teir
The Wreckers @ House of Blues New Orleans 2005
311 @ The Varsity 1999
Molly Ringwalds @ The Caterie 2001 (Only becaue they did an amazing cover of Rush's Tom Saywer and Kiss/G.Brook's Hard Luck Woman)
RUN DMC @ LSU Homecoming 2001
Better than Ezra @ Bonne Fete 1998
Keith Urban @ PMAC 2005

What about you? What shows stick out in your mind? What shows should I be buying a ticket to?

disclaimer:I reserve the right to edit this list becasue I think I am forgetting something here.


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