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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Thinking outside of loosing my mind

Anyone else extremely annoyed by the phrase "thinking ouside of the box?" A versitle phrase, it has so many uses yet acutally means so little. Its another one of those buisness buzzterms that dress up a meeting or document, but becomes so transparent when you boil it down.

Means to get creative, I think! Why would you purposely think "outside" of what has worked for you in the past just for the sake of creating something new. Now, if you have something that is not working for you, or your organization then don't wait any longer and change it for the better, but if you are changing things just because you need to "think outside the box" or "change for change's sake" then you deserve the pitfalls that may come. Also, why sacrifice what you have done well for so long in the name of creativity.

If you like buiness words... you'll love this sentence.

By harnessing the creative and expressionistic synergy, our organization stands to gain significant market dominance while effectively increasing our reliance on human capital with a focus on lasting effects.

(I made that up!.. can't ya tell)

Any other fun buisness/academia/netherworld phrases that make you cringe? or at least question their meaning?


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