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“I think we substitute more and change personal more often than we did a year ago. Our style of offense is much les predictable that way.” -- LSU Head Coach Les Miles on frequestn substitutions

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Silencing the Big Talker

This week's lesson... stop complaining and enjoy.

At the beginning of the week, the talk station that I listened to most suddenly became adult urban R&B, to be exact a simulcast of another staion in that cluster's family. Frist time, I didnt' think anything of it - this station does have a bit of a past for taking a random day off broadcasting. Yesterday, I was disapointed.

So my travels took me to the internet to find that their webpage was taken down, and the rumors had started to fly about what exactly happened. Then around lunch when the Baton Rouge Buisness Report's Daily Report arrived, it shed some light on the situation. Turns out, Corporate dropped the ax on the station, its employees all in the name of ratings and lack of advertising revenue.

The Heisman Run wishes the best to former employees and their families who are now struck with the temporary setback of having to find new employment. The employees were left with two weeks pay, per Daily Report.

News Talk Radio in Baton Rouge will probably never be the same - the other two market players put out a seriously subpar product, especially for local news and issues then they give the rest of the day to the biggest names in national syndication from both sides of the political propaganda aisle.

However, I wouldn't feel this post to be complete without my lesson of the past month...

True Happiness is acheivable. In my case, it has been in the form of marraige. Call it being a newlywed, call it "honeymoon still isn't over" - but I now understand that my goal is to continue to build upon the true happiness and completeness that I have acheived since that special day!