Heisman Run :: RELAUNCHED

“I think we substitute more and change personal more often than we did a year ago. Our style of offense is much les predictable that way.” -- LSU Head Coach Les Miles on frequestn substitutions

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Hating Blog Spam!

Correct you are.. I hate blog spam. Still suspicious that blogger.com's addition of "recently updated blogs" is the culprit. If you are reading this and you are guily of blog spam or spam in general - GET A LIFE!

Alright, game on -- GAME ON!

Friends and Family - thank you! Your kindness, patience and willingness to help are deeply apprecaited.

Second String Softball in action tonight!

Music reccomendatoin - if you haven't listed to some of Sister Hazel's extended catalog (see: everything besides "All for You") then it is worth your ear's time. However, I will have to agree - they are a much better live band. Their studio stuff is good (6/10) but their live stuff is amazing (10+/10). Check out their LIVE Live album - double cd of a great show. Their songwriting is great, better than I have heard in a while.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Boardroom back in sesson

Well, how about that hiatus for the managent here at the Heisman Run!

Well.. WE"RE BACK (Ok confession time, when I say we - I mean me)

Less than two weeks until I am a married man! I couldn't be more excited, just making sure all of the details have been tended to in the meantime.

GEAUX TIGERS! Big win over U. of Florida - it was hard to sit through, but well worth it in the end.

Tiger fans.. you'll enjoy this. I got asked for directions in the union by none other than #11 Ryan Perilloux. He is much taller than I thought he would be.

Congrats to Mr. The Buffalo, the offical legal department of the Hesiman Run on great news from the Louisiana BAR - now get a bat in your hands!!

XM Radio is awesome!!

Glaring reccomendations for the new Tommy Lee album Tommyland:The Ride. It is actually really well done and I think I relate a bit to his raw and emotional songwriting.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I am a slacker!!!

Put a different way - I suck at this game!

I offer yet another apology for the lack of updates in blog land on behalf of the management of the Heisman Run - life has been "challenging" as of late (we'll keep it at that - family blog)

Here are some of the highlights:

I am getting married in a month!! Warms my heart to know that I will spend the rest of my life with someone so wonderful!

My parents got electricty back last weekend - they are in the process of settling back into their house. Thoughts and prayers to MoJoJoJo as he will have to work on rebuilding his home.

Toto's mother and sister are doing well, staying busy in night school. Check her blog (Follow the Yellow Brick Road) soon for some pictures of her recent trip to the Lakeview area, I believe she intends on posting those soon.

We won a softball game... hell yeah! After going winless (the forfeit does not count) last season, we mounted a come from behind victory last Thursday night in our first leauge play game.

I have been trying to keep up with My Name is Earl, but I gotta tell you my new favorite show this season is "Commander in Chief" - its a sleeper alright.

Congrats to the Big Daddy for finishing up his most recent heavyweight round witht he LSAT - the KO is yours this time.

XM radio is the coolest thing I have seen tonight. Only had it for 3 hours, but haven't turned it off yet!

GEAUX TIGERS! Beat the dog stuff out of Moo State this weekend.

Congrats to AZ STATE, but in the end you can kiss my ass for not putting USC away!

FEED Linsday Lohan - www.feedlindsay.com - someone get the girl a #4 add cheese with a Dr. Pepper and 2 apple pies (ahhhh.. McDonalds... I'm lovin it)

Until Next time... Boardroom dismissed b/c I fired myself!!