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“I think we substitute more and change personal more often than we did a year ago. Our style of offense is much les predictable that way.” -- LSU Head Coach Les Miles on frequestn substitutions

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Contact Lenses - Vision Update

I don't walk around like I am a six pack deep into an eventful night anymore - that's a plus.

Happy to report that the contacts trial is going fairly well. I have drastically reduced the taking out/putting in time since we first started. I am really enjoying the new prescription, face feels much more relaxed now that I am not squinting 95% of the day. Maybe I'll smile more, or even laugh now that my face doesn't feel stretched like Mr. Fantastic.

Next test for the contacts - commercial air travel tommorow morning!
7-peat at the "Tour de Lance"

Just wanted to say a public congrats to Lance Armstrong and the USA for his most recent tour victory. No need to go into detail about what he has overcome - he has my respect!

I actually started wearing the LiveStrong bracelet a week or so before the tour started. When they first came out I absolutely refused based on the whole "its soo cool, everyone is doing it" crazy-fad principal, especially when every cause/non cause had a bracelet. I actually saw one that said "protect flirting." This time around, it was a little different.

I think I finally understand the message - live strong. In the last year, I have made some significant strides to rid my life of some of the more unhealthy habits that I surrounded myself with. The first and most obvious is that I have finally quit smoking! Yep, the dbrous is completely without the cigarettes. If you've known me through college, you have seen that I was notorious for the old smoke break - those days are done now. I have also (or at least tried) to cut down on meal portion size. Instead of eating until I am overly full, I have finally come to terms with putting enough in my stomach to have energy for the rest of the day. I still enjoy a great meal, but no longer feel bad if I don't see myself in the clean plate after I have eaten. Next step - regular exercise!

I wish Lance the best in his retirement from cycling. Hopefully, he will still feel as passionate about his cancer research and treatment efforts as he did in his competitve days.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Excuse Me if I seem a little tipsy...

So I have recognized a pattern in my life that has developed as I have grown a little older - deteriorating eyesight. I am not real sure if it is the minimun 6 hours/day I have spent in front of a computer since entering college seven years ago or if my eyes decided that they just didn't like me. I have actually been wearing classes since 2001, doctor said they were overdue then, but yesterday decided I want to get contacts.

Now, our friends at LensCrafters couldn't have been any nicer. Especially when we realized that I would need a new prescription 1-1 1/2 times stronger than my exising classes. The doctor also squirmed a bit when I told him that I spend most of my waking hours in front of a computer, after all I am an IT guy. There is all of the time I spend reading blogs and contributing to my own, but that wasn't essential to our conversation.

So now I am not wearing glasses but can actually see a bit better than before... amazing invention really! There is one little problem. That is, since my eyes and brain have not completely adusted to the small film-like structure on my eyelid they have decided to play tricks on the rest of my body. Problems like depth perception, which is only a major problem in the bathroom and the random dizziness comparable to the afterthoughts of a mouth-watering 6-pack.

I am acutally really determined to giving these things a fair shot. It will take me some time to get used to, but you will be able to tell how I am doing with them if I have my glasses back on the next time you see me.

Thursday, July 21, 2005


As crazy as it may sound, ESPN has chosen Gueydan, Louisiana, the "Duck Capitol of America" to host its Louisiana segment of its 50 states/50 days specials. I had to see it myself.... Click Here

Imagine it, Stewart Scott at the skeet shoot yelling "BOOYAAHHH" everytime a contestant hits a skeet. Imagine Mel Keiper, Jr. doing draft analysis of next years prospsect for Duck Festival Queen. Just for fun, we'll enter Trev Alberts in the dog trials!

I actually think I am more amazed than anything. The Duck Festival is truly a unique event, even for a Louisiana festival. I mean, ESPN setups are awesome (been to a couple of GameDay sets), but no telling what's going to happen when they come to Gueydan. Then again, they have been all over the U.S. - maybe nothing surprises them any more. We'll see!

I may actually take a ride down there for that weekend, let me know if you are interested. Also, more comments coming up about the acutal Best of Louisiana voting on ESPN.
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I've udpated the links sidebar to your right - either sites that I usually visit for news/updates or other blogs that I have been enjoying (see first post referring to my new blogging addiction). Check them all out (if you don't already own them or contribute) as they are all filled with great discussion, interesting facts, and good fun!
LYS Can You Dig It, Everybody's Here, So Everybody Cheer!

I can never help but chuckle about this week every year as I see a multitude of high school students walking on campus (this morning right outside of my office window) and the random red shrit guiding traffic on their way to the union. Chuckling because I realize that I was in that multitude of students hoping to see what I could learn at the Louisiana Youth Seminar (LYS).

I attended LYS twice during High School and despite being at the same conference, the experiences where quite different. Only remembering vaguely, I remember my first year being a little ackward since I was the youngest in the group, but enjoying a couple of times where I had stepped up into leadership positions. That was also the year that I almost vomited up an entire year because someone (you remember who you are!) finally convinced me to try his Red Man chewing tobacco. The second year was a little different in that I had taken a leadership role much earlier and in turn helped get one of my fellow group members elected LYS president.

And LYS always makes me realize that I get to laugh out loud next month - Louisiana Boys State!

Monday, July 18, 2005

OK - I surrender. I must admit that I have become fairly addicted to reading everyone's blog, making comments on some and generally using these things to keep up with the latest in people's lives as well as the latest in technolgy and business (I know - big dork reads about techology and business). Here is my attempt!

This is the Heisman Run. The Heisman Trophy is the breathtaking statue given to the nation's best college fooball player. However, in true fashion of out-of-shape couch potato ESPN-head sports fans, my roomate in college gave it a new meaning. It all started outside of Tiger Stadium, the pinnacle of LSU Sports when CMudge dons the Heisman Trophy pose and to all of our surprise dodged in and out of foot traffic in true running back style. The tradition began, CMudge Heisman ran himself through another 2 1/2 seasons and through away games, apartment complex victory parites and even the 2003 Sugar Bowl in New Orleans (GEAUX TIGERS!).

Short History - Bright Future. Hopefully, you'll enjoy my attempt at blogging. Make sure to visit friends and links along your way. Oh and make sure to leave comments - serious, lighthearted, funny stories, complex alogrithms, or whatever comes to mind. Looking foward to it!