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“I think we substitute more and change personal more often than we did a year ago. Our style of offense is much les predictable that way.” -- LSU Head Coach Les Miles on frequestn substitutions

Sunday, September 25, 2005

whole new ballgame

I realize that I have not been around much lately, but I think the point of this post will help you understand what has become our world as of late.

Both Toto Too (fiancee') are off tommorow, Monday, to see our respective parent's homes each of which were damaged from a separate hurricane. The total extend of the damages are yet uncalculated, but in this case any damage is too much. Please keep in mind those in our lives that have lost most of their wordly possessions (yes, there are a couple.. and may be even more very soon).

I make this post with a slight tear in my eye, but I still realize that the hardest parts may be ahead of us.

I also worry that we want our lives to return to what they were so bad that we are all forgetting that our family, friends, and fellow statesmen may not be as lucky as us at the moment. Please don't let this be you - it never takes too much time and effort from your day to think about the victims, even if for a moment. And if praying is your thing - those are apprecaited as well too.

There will be lots to blog about this week, so hopefully we'll pick it back up - LSU Game tommorow, Softball this thrusday, Donald's Apprentice - UNTIL THEN!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tuesday's Gone with the Wind

The mangagement of the Heisman Run met this morning to discuss current events and realize that we must offer an apology for anyone who has visited the site on even an inconsistent basis and has been stuck scrolling through the archives because there have been no updates recently. We offer our sincere apologies.

However, we would like to give some updates as to recent happenings:

- WEDDING ON! Yep, same date, different time and location
- Hurricane Katrina - everyone is safe, other than that not much to say without becoming either upset for those around me or pissed the heck off at people who had the opportunity to do so much better and did not take that opp (see: media and elected officials)
- Hurricane Rita - becoming more and more cautious about this one only becasue the tip of the projected storm path is at my parent's house and one turn could be dangerous.
- Softball - we got a team together, everyone's excited about the season, pending we have a season. We havent' yet heard if there are enough teams to form any nights of play.
- TV: This is actually a great week for TV, or at least for NBC. My pick for new sitcom of the season will probably be "my name is earl" featuring Jason Lee - more on that after the first episode. Also, I haven't yet told you this but I am a huge fan of The Apprentice and season premiere this week. Just for clarifications sake, I am a huge fan of Donald Trump's aprentice but I will give theMartha a fair shake.... THANKS NBC!!

Edited to Add: GEAUX TIGERS!!!! We may go into detail about the AZ STATE game later this week becasue it was hard to sit through, but a WIN is what counts ... GEAUX TIGERS!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

This little piggy got roast beef, this little piggy got none

Just wanted to share an observation from today's experience at the Podiatrist's office....

Having an ingrown toenail removed hurts, but not as much as having an ingrown toenail!

And having two removed from the same side of the same foot in a six month span...glad I can keep our local foot doctor in buisness, would hate for him to be home watching TV.

Gettin The Job Done Again

You gotta like people who are consistent... at least when it comes to rockin' the karaoke mike.

Yeah, that's right.. my boys Bacardi and Cola rocked it again last night at Champps karaoke last night. This time they graced us with a powerful rendition of "This is how we do it" by Montel Jordan that lit up the crowd.

It was on my mind b/c I talked to Cola about an hour ago and we mentioned how much we are enjoying our times together. Got a chance to see the usuals - Big Daddy, Bacardi, Cola, JD (aka JBoogie aka Santa {b/c his birthday is on Christmas day}) as well as a visit from a friend that we don't see too often any more. Oh, and the Headliner was there too!

Real excited b/c I think I just named most of our softball team... gonna be a fun season. Just hope our record is a little better than last season.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Things People Do

I told this story the other day and people laughed, so I figured it would be good blog material.

I live in a gated apartment community and the gate is very well timed to only let in one car at a time (technology is awesome!!). One of the coolest things ever is when someone decides to tail someone into the complex and the swinging gate comes down right on the hood of someone's car... that is unless it is your car - that things got force.

The other day, a girl younger than me decided to tail me into the apartment complex. My guess is that she had not been to our complex before and did not realize that the gate would swing down on her car. I guess this because she didnt' tail me too closely and when she realized that the gate was coming down on her car she proceeded to scream and duck! Yep... she ducked below the wheel in a desparate attempt to avoid getting bopped on the head by the gate AFTER it crushed the entire top of her car.

She saw me laughing at her... she realized how funny it was. I am glad some people have senses of humor!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Namin' Names

That's right.. here at the Heisman Run have decided to name names. It was brought to my attention by Toto Too that we had not heard anything about the "Pride of Louisiana" - Britney Spears donating anything to the cause of hurricane releif in the area.

Here is why I decided to start with her (it may be the first part of a sequence of LA/MS/AL natives that claim their homestate when it is convenient), actually it is two reasons. The first is that she still has very strong ties to Kentwood, LA (not very far at all from the worst of the storm path), including a reference on the Kentwood town website. Actually, a reference may not be appropriate, more like a dedication - the title of the site (what you see in the top of your browser) is Town of Kentwood Louisiana Home of Britney Spears, and their is a Britney link on the site that goes straight to her official site. Come to find out, she acutally uses the same counter system that the management here at Heisman Run uses, so I know for a fact she knows that people are coming to her site from the Kentwood town site (just as we know everytime one of our blogger friends bring us a reference - thanks everyone!). Point being, she knows about that and could tell them that she does not want to be listed that way. The second point is that she was one of the top contributors to the terrorist attack victims in New York, even ranked as high as #2 behind the Red Cross. Point being, her and her foundation will give money to causes.

Now, according to the official site of the Britney Spears foundation, they donate to causes directly helping children in need. Men, Women and Children alike have all been effected by this natural disaster, and especially in a time where people are asking for whatever help they can get for themselves/families it would be too easy to find for the foundation to help children. Put anykind of spin on it, make them learn an instrument, learn to dance, sing, any other kind of requirement that they may put on it - doesn't matter.

Oh, and what made me stop in my researching tracks was that the only mention of Katrina on Britney Spears' official website was to alert all of her fans that her family living in the affected area was heard from and doing ok. I am going to stop there before I get mean - I may get frustrated later in the comments.

The flipside of this is that there are plenty of Louisiana natives that have done their part to help and coordinate other efforts to continue aid, financial support and other tangabile relief for the displaced - The Management at the Heisman Run thank you for your kindness and for being proud of where you are from!

(Please let me know asap if you have heard or read differently. I am completely aware that breaking news is hourly now, and I know that there is no way that I scavenged every disaster recovery website to compile the story)


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thursday Already!

First Off, heart felt apologies for the lack of posting in the last week (I do think it has been a week today). I haven't sat down too much in the last week, and quite often computers were not on the forefront of my mind.

Much to report in the last week including the safety of all immediate Mayer family members (fiance's mothers family) and most of their temporary relocation to the Baton Rouge area. Also, that we are temporarily housing my fiance's mom, sister and sister's friend at Toto Too's place in Baton Rouge. Sister&Friend started school today, as did Toto Too.

Spent some time last week with the Mr and Mrs. The Buffalo and am happy to report their relocation to the Red Stick. They found a great little home for sale and were able to create a great opportunity thanks to Matt Noel from Sauage Reltors and Derek Landy of Fairway Morgage (listed them as my official endorsment reference - these guys are good!).

Necrite at Useless and Pointless has a really good recap of his situation as well as a news recap with commentary. Wishing you the best of luck!

I got a chance to visit with friends last night at Champps again - it was great to get out. Special guest appearance by Headliner and Underdog made the night! Great to see you guys. (Underdog came in all the way from Kansas City to be with his parents - they live on the Westbank). As always... thanks to the Big Daddy, Bacardi, Cola and JD for the invite!

I'll get to see some Louisiana football this weekend... headed back to the old stomping ground of Crowley, LA for Notre Dame vs. Redemporist High School on Friday night. Also, looking forward to seeing the Tigers in action on Saturday. I hope that all of our local/college/professional athletes use their talents and abilities to portray the state in a positive light and show our area/the nation what we are about, even in our toughest times.

It has been pretty tough to keep everything in perspective at the moment, so I apologize if the posts are a bit jumbled and all over the place. I still feel there is so much more that I can do personally, and I hope to be able to do it. The offer still stands - If I can help you with anything, anything at all, please let me know.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

"I was there when the man came, and told us all the news"

Only been 24 hours (or so) since the last post, but too much has happened in the short day.

The best news is that my finacee's family is all accounted for, most of them here in Baton Rouge.

Other notes of interest:

If you know of an apartment/room for rent (pet friendly), A good friend (and reader) is most interested.

We have set up a blog for the faculty/staff of Cabrini High School in New Orleans, where my future mother-in-law teaches science and biology .... Cabrini High School

Toto Too came across another New Orleans evacuees blog... Where Y'at

I am home for the next couple of days because of a "civil unrest" on the LSU Campus. I dont' have any details, only a forward from my former co-workers at the LSU Union from the Chancellor stating that all doors to campus buildings will be locked. I won't speculate as to any rumors of things that I heard, but I will say that the Chancellor's office said the wording was a bit harsh per Daily Report.

I will be watching the work email as well as maintaining these two blogs, so do not hesitate to email me or make comments to these posts.